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Many years back we were on a school trip. On the final day we went to a lake. As we arrived there. I already had to pee, but still i was able to hold it 2 hours. But after 2 hours I was desperate. I ran around the lake in order not to lose it in my pants. I asked the teacher ( in a very calm way) if there were toilets ( well there weren't) amd then I went towards the wood. I went round a small house anout 40 times to male sure there was no one in it and as my desperation was on 1000% I let all my pants down (behind the house) took my shirt off and pressed, I farted and then A long splashy golden stream went from my penis to the stony ground. Another boy from my class ran behind the house and passed me. Hey, wat u doing ? he asked. I jist made a grunt and another fart. But to my surprise he also pulled his trousers down and leaned against a tree. As he was behind me I just saw him a bit, but I heard him farting and even sharting. I finished my pee after 1:30 minutes and went a bit away from the house. Into the wood. There I then (naked) leaned against a tree and pressed out a quite long poop. Then I wiped with a tissue paper and redressed myself. Suddenly the other boy came to me and asked me for help. I should find him a good hiding place. So I showed him a bush. He asked me if I could stay with him. We went into the bush and he leaned against a tree. Je told me he would need asistanse wiping. He pressed and peed a bit and then he sharted a lot. He wanted to begin to cry but I told him that I also sometimes had diarrhea so he stopped crying. I told him to press it out and he did a huge runny sharty explosion in the bush. Then I showed him how to wipe, and he was able to clean himself with the tissues. he still had gasses but so had i so we farted the bush full. Then I had another , wetter shit, and he helped my wipe ( so in order to learn it 100%.
Then we dully dressed again and went back to the group. As the children were still everywhere. We were two of the first to be back at the "base".
But I told the other boy to tell no one anything about our/ my pee-pooping, and he agreed.


The same day in the evening I saw a girl peeing in front of our hostel. And on the final minutes, two friends of mine and me had a piss in a river. {HAPPY PRIMARY SCHOOL DAYS~}

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