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Skinny dipping at night

Since a few weeks. I had a plan. I wanted to go swimming in the local lake at night naked. I had made an exact plan. First, I would have to get up at 2 am. Then I would take a small swimming ring with me to the garden. There I would undress, and only leave my swimming trunks on. I then would hide my keys in the high bush between our garden and the walkway. I would then go out of the gate at the end of the walkway, and hide the outside key in a nearby traffic sign, with the help of a magnet. I then would walk to the local lake. Only with the swimming ring in hand and my swimming trunks on. And when I reach the lake, I would go below my favourite bridge, and swim as far as I could.   That was the plan.

Now today night. I acctually did it ^^.
I had already prepared everything in my room. So at 2.15, I got up, had a piece of chocolate for breakfast, put on my swimming trunks, jeans and a t-shirt. Took my keys and the "prepared" key with the magnet and silently left the flat. I quickly went to the garden, and hid my backpack and my clothes in the garden hut. Then I went out of the garden. I loked up and hid the key in the bushes behind the fence. I then went alongside a street and hid the outer-port key in the planned location. Then I went towards the local lake. For that, I had to pass my home street. I did that really carefully, and made sure no one saw me. But the streets were really empty. Just as I came to a traffic light at a quite well lit street, a taxi stopped just opposite of me. As I didn't want to be seen, I quickly crossed the street and ran towards the local church, which was the next waymark on my journey. Gladly, the man that came with the taxi still had to pay the bill and hadn't seen me. I went on, but just as I reached the backside of the churck, I stopped. There was a man with a mobile phone, walking on the same way as me. I had in the shaddow of the church and waited, but he crossed the street to go into a block of flats. I went round the church to look at the clock. 2:50. I went on along a long alley, between a Kindergarden and a Hospital, and turned into a shorter, darker street. I stopped, cause I thought, that there was someone, on the parkingspace of the nearby school. But as I walked on, I noticed, that it was only a tree and a street sign, that made this impression. I went on, around the sporting court of the school. Suddenly, I heard someone sneeze. I turned round, but there was no one. It must have come from one of the flats. I went on and had my finish line in sight. The gates of the lakeside restaurant were only 400 metres away. I ran there, but just before I came to the street, I thought I heard a car come. I hid behind a parked car, and waited. But nothing came. So I ran over the street and went down the stairs beside the restaurant. I walked over my "poop"-bridge, and went under it. I tested the temperature of the water, and it was quite warm. I got naked, jumped in, and began to pee. I had to pee a lot, and so waited till I had finnished. Then I hung my pants onto my arm, and began to swim. A few metres into the lake, I stopped. On one shore of the lake, I saw two red lights really close to each other. As I stopped, the two red lights came to the shore of the lake. and remained there. I tried to swim away, and soon managed to loose the red glimming points out of sight. I don't know what it was, but it could have been two people smoking. I swam on and came to the small houses along the river. There were two people in one of the houses. Appearently having a "candle-light" 3 o'Clock snack. I care fully swam on, and hid between a few swans, that were silently swimming around. I was quite exhausted, and so quickly swam to the right shore. I sat down on a stone, where I farted a few stinky times into the water, before I put my pants back on, and went back to the garden. I felt quite cold, and was shivering . I again avoided being seen, and managed to walk to the garden, without being seen, even though there were 4 (!) people walking around the well lit street where I had seen the taxi. I came to a street very near to my garden, and felt I had to poop. So I just crouched into a bush that covered me from one side, got nude, and let out a big but firm log. I also did a stinky fart, and peed a huge stream onto the walkway. I then got up, wiped with a leaf and went on. Then I put my pants on. Just in time. Because a cyclist past me only a moment later. I still had to pee a bit, and so stopped to dripple onto the walkway beside my garden. I then got the outer key out of it's hiding place, and went to the garden. There I put a lot of anti-gnat onto me, as the blood-sucking animals were everywhere. Then I went to the back of the garden to masturbate and fart. I then again dressed with all of my clothes (except of underpants) and still walked round the city to see the sunrise, and walk round the bigger park. I again got home at 8.25. Then I got to bed, and slept till 15.00. It was a thing, I am hopefully going to repeat this summer. :)

Under a Bridge (sploosh)

Yesterday, I had school till 6 pm. At the first lesson of the afternoon, I had some pressure in my tummy and had to rip many silent, but terribly stinky far*s. Gladly, I (appearantly) was not the only one in the classroom (I obseved  about 3 others of the small group we were, slightly lifting their but*s off the seats and passing gas...) it was a double IT lesson, and as we were all doing something on the PCs on our own, no one talked to anyone else, and the teacher was not even there for most of the lesson... Then, in the next 2 hours I had a special english course. Unlike IT, this was not in the quite hot basement of the school , but in a room in the 1st storey. there I did not have that many problems, but at the end of the cours I was the first one down at the lockers, so that I could go out of school quickly. As I was at my locker, I had to rip a fart, of which I knew that it was going to be loud, terribly stinky, but dry. I waited, and as no one came, and even the light went out, I pulled my pants down (just in case) and pressed carefully. A huge rumbling gassy sound, and it began to stink really terribly. I quickly pulled up my panzs again, put on my jacket and shoes, and went out of school. I knew that I had to poop soon, and that I would not make it home. So I went to my nearby poop-bridge over the local lake, and went below it. I pulled down my pants, hung myself at the pipe under the Bridge with my as* over the water, and grunted, as I let out a raelllly huge and long turd. It splashd in the water. Then I changed my "hanging position" slightly and thought I had to fart. But as I pressed, my as*hole opend up, and sprayed really a lot of completely watery sh*t into the water. It ran and dripped and flew, and in the middle, two mushy assambleys of po*p splashed into the water. I let a lot of wet po*p flow down from my but' into the water, and ended the big sploosh with a long, wet shart. I then wiped with a tissue paper and some leaves I found beside the bridge. Then, as I was really horny from that, still ,.,.,,.,.,.,.'''''''''# and then went home. It was a long but "rewarding" day :) .

Crappy late night walk

Yesterday at night I had to poop. So I asked my parents if I could go to our garden and left with some tissues and went to a field opposite to a local park. I went into a small path between the field and a wall to an industrial estate. As soon as the low trees beside the path and the field covered me from any sight, I put of my shirt, my shorts and underpants and leaned against the wall. I had a boner and while I shitted in a huge diarrheary splash I tried to get some cum out ^^ but it didn't work vv well I wiped after ripping an enourmous fart which stank like hell and put back on my pants and my shirt and went towards my garden. But on the way I decided, not to go to the garden, but to the local lake. I went there and sat down under a willow. I got nude again and took of my underpants, put them in my pocket and put the shorts back on. 
like that I went to the lake and peed in. I again felt the poopurge and so went to a trash bin and sat down on it. I pressed and shitted another big splashy stinky load and some firmer turds with loud sharts into the bin. I wiped again while still sitting on the bin. Then I went home and left a last mushy poohill in the park beside my flat.
May the farts be with you!

Orgasm on the Lake

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Adventure at school

So today I had an afternoon course at school. I had lunch at my grandmothers place and then had to run over to my flat to get the books and go back to school. I didn't have any time to go to the toilet. As I arrived at the school i had to pee quite desperatly . But I also had to go to the classroom. So I went to the flopr where I would have the course and went into my classroom which was just beside the other one. It was empty and so I closed the door and Dropped my pants. I hung my penis into the sink beside the door and just pressed a bit. I sighted in great relief as a long yellow splashy stream came out of my boner. I still peed while I leaned with my ass back over a trash bin. I had to fart. So I farted and noticed that something wanted out. So I pressed and a small pellet came out together with noisy stinky air. Meanwhile I finished the pee and cleaned the sink. Then I wiped my butt and put the small poop into a bottle which I closed and put at the bottom of the bin. Then I still sat down in the last row "massaging" my boner for some time till the bell rang and my table had something new on it's downside... and then I went over to the course. There were already some other pupils but they had not heard me.

Poopy day (long version)

My story begins as I leave the flat. Even though the weather is not so nice, I am happy. I go to the bus stop, but the next bus would only come in ten minutes, so I walk to the train station. I come into the hall and see that the trai i need is coming and so I run up to the platform. The train arroves and I get on it. As soon as the train starts moving i feel that I will soon have diarrhea and as i get nervous when I have that feeling it gets even worse. I hold on while the train seems to move real slow. Finnaly I come to the station beside the hill. I run down to a street, cross it, and go up a steep road. I go up and suddenly notice it is a dead end. So I go back and already struggle to hold on. I walk along a street, which seems to go on forever. No field, no bush, no car behind which i could poo. After 40 minutes, I reached a small lake beside a field and some trees around it. I go to the side of the lake and crouch down beside a tree. I free my ass and fart, then my stomach relaxes and pushes out a wet big load. I still crouch down while I get of most of the poop and do another fart. Then I still stay low as some dog owners went passed the lake. They could have seen me but were not looking, so I went round the lake and then went on on that street. After even more time I finnaly began to go up onto the hill. I went up another endless road (a typical "Kellergasse") and after another half hour reached the parking space halfway up the hill. I again had to poop but had to go to the top. So I went on. The way which normally was quite fast done felt like hours today. I sweated and struggled holding the poop in. But I still managed and went on. I came to the last metres as I reached a field where I had pooped in summer, I looked at the place but the bush there was no use for hiding. So I went on to the top of the hill. There I went into the gap between a long thin bush and a fence. I soon found a place where the bush could hide me the best and dropped my pants. I crouched down doggy style and watched as I peed out some shit (wet runny diarrhea). I also peed on the other side in a wide horny stream through the fence. Then I took a look at my undies and saw that they were "browned". So I pulled them back up and went out pf that bush to find a place to get changed (to get rid of the messy briefs and go commando).
I went over the big meddow on top of that hill but all bushes on the way were no good hiding places. I returned to the long gap between the fence and the bush and went a bit further than the place i had pooped on. I slowly undressed myself , including shoes, socks, jeans and my brown underpants. I again got horny as I crouched down and my warm feet touched my ass. I ripped a shart and a small poop fell out of my butt. I peed again and then I listened, I had seen two women coming up the hill and they now came across the bush. I finished my pee and crouched down more while covering my legs with my jeans. The women walked passed me and talked about pigs, but did not see me. Now I was really aroused ,.:...'"'.,,. but had to carry on, I put on my socks after cleaning my feet with my undies and put the trousers back on. I jumped into my shoes, but let my boner still hang out. Before I had also cleaned my butt with some tissues from my backpack. I went out of the bush and still ,.,....,. peed a few drips onto the earth. Then I leaned against a tree in one of the other bushes and dropped another pellet. Then I began to go down a long and winding road down to the border of my homecity. I still went for 20 more minutes before I reached a tram station. I got on the tram and went to the station I had started from. There I took the railway and a bus to a local park, where I put a TB into a Geocache. From there I visited a poop I had done a few weeks ago (still there, still wet) and sat down beside it to get rid of enourmous loud gasses and again pee a yellow stream down a slope. I got up again and went to a bus stop to get home. The bus came and as I got in my parents phoned me to tell me that they had to go to the teatre now and that we would only see us afterwards. I sad ok and went home (after i again got off the bus) via a bridge where I often poop below. I came home and again had to pee. But as I was tired of fighting my needs I only unlocked the door to our block of flats, got into the elevator and peed myself with the last big piss. I did another spicy fart and unlocked the flat. Then I cleaned everything, before putting it into the washing basket. I had a bath and still gave myself an enema to get the last waste out. Then I went to bed with a dancing show.

PS: All day long I thought about maslow's hierarchy of needs. Incase someone talked to me why i , pooped in the bush, or why I undressed myself, I could have told him/her that I was trying to get from the lowest step (physical needs) upwards. And everything that can help with that is a human right. So If my pant are dirty and I do not feel comfortable, I am allowed to get rid of them by undressing (in a decent way/place)... and so on...
That way I am always sure i can not get in trouble..._

School trip (Again one)

As this story fits into more than one group I write it here:
At one of our classtrips, we went to a hill near the city. We drank a lot and walked around a lot. After about 3 hours we reached our final stop, near a small Inn. While some kids had ice cream, the others played on a nerby playground. Me and my friend had fun while talking with each other. I already had to pee so I told my friend I wanted to look if I could see squirrels and went into the wood. Then I ran till I reached some old walls. I hid behind one of those old walls and dropped my pants. I peed for a long time and made that part of the wall damp. Then I felt that i also had to poop. I listened and as I heard no one I took of my trousers and shoes and took of my shirt. I layed on my back and aimed at the wall. I still peed some dripps on my belly and then I pressed. A loud shart and diarrhea exsplooshed onto the wall. I had a boner so I .,.,..,.,..,``..,.,.,., while still farting and sharting out poop. Then I  crouched down and pressed a last turd out and let rip a huge spicy fart. Just as i finished .,.,. , the poop, my friend appeared beside another of the walls. He jumped from one leg to another and held his crotch. He looked round and as he was sure :) that no one was there he threw of hos pants, kicked them against another wall and started the golden stream. While he peed against the wall he got a stiffy (too). I just could not stop looking (the ill pervert i am (exaggeration)). He finished his pee, .,.,,.,.,.````,.,.,..`,. , and ripped an enourmous fart. Just there I thought I should give him some privacy and look away, but as he croched down ,,. and pressed Another fart shot out and I had to look again. He pushed and a big wet and a bit green poop slid out of his nice hairless butt. He groaned and lifted his butt a bit higher and let the really huge log. It fell onto the ground and made a sound which I felt like being a falling bomb :). My mate crouched down again with his but hanging between his feet and massaged his belly. Then he pressed again and had a (surprisingly ) big bout of diarrhea onto his big log. While he had a lot of more gas i wiped my ass and silently went away with my cloths in my hands. I went through the wood (still hearing the farts of M. my friend . I came to the backside of the Inn and was able to sneak into a toilet stall nude without getting seen. I dressed up and looked out of the window in the stall. After a short time I saw my friends walking past the window. So I went out of the toilet and went back to the wood. I ran around the playground and then went back to my froiend who was (again) standing near the tree where I had left him. So I got back to him and told him that I had not seen any squirrels. He just said OH and then we again talked about something else. He never knew what i saw... but as he had seen me naked a few times too i think it will be ok...
I once had a foto of his big firm and wet drop which I took while the others (also my friend?) went to the toilet before walking back, but I deleted it two years ago alongside with half a hard drive ..:(

School trip

Many years back we were on a school trip. On the final day we went to a lake. As we arrived there. I already had to pee, but still i was able to hold it 2 hours. But after 2 hours I was desperate. I ran around the lake in order not to lose it in my pants. I asked the teacher ( in a very calm way) if there were toilets ( well there weren't) amd then I went towards the wood. I went round a small house anout 40 times to male sure there was no one in it and as my desperation was on 1000% I let all my pants down (behind the house) took my shirt off and pressed, I farted and then A long splashy golden stream went from my penis to the stony ground. Another boy from my class ran behind the house and passed me. Hey, wat u doing ? he asked. I jist made a grunt and another fart. But to my surprise he also pulled his trousers down and leaned against a tree. As he was behind me I just saw him a bit, but I heard him farting and even sharting. I finished my pee after 1:30 minutes and went a bit away from the house. Into the wood. There I then (naked) leaned against a tree and pressed out a quite long poop. Then I wiped with a tissue paper and redressed myself. Suddenly the other boy came to me and asked me for help. I should find him a good hiding place. So I showed him a bush. He asked me if I could stay with him. We went into the bush and he leaned against a tree. Je told me he would need asistanse wiping. He pressed and peed a bit and then he sharted a lot. He wanted to begin to cry but I told him that I also sometimes had diarrhea so he stopped crying. I told him to press it out and he did a huge runny sharty explosion in the bush. Then I showed him how to wipe, and he was able to clean himself with the tissues. he still had gasses but so had i so we farted the bush full. Then I had another , wetter shit, and he helped my wipe ( so in order to learn it 100%.
Then we dully dressed again and went back to the group. As the children were still everywhere. We were two of the first to be back at the "base".
But I told the other boy to tell no one anything about our/ my pee-pooping, and he agreed.


The same day in the evening I saw a girl peeing in front of our hostel. And on the final minutes, two friends of mine and me had a piss in a river. {HAPPY PRIMARY SCHOOL DAYS~}


This is my day of 17.9.12:
The bit I want to write about begins at 16:00.
I had just finished a late lunch at my grandmothers house and wanted to go home. But before I could put on my shoes i had to rush to the toilet and just got onto it in time. I pooped, but it felt like it was pee. Just brown water.
Then I went home and also there I more peed the shit out.
Then I went to a park about 4 km from my home, and there I also went in a bush to poop huge amounts of "brown water".
I sharted and pooped a lot in the Bush, but as the shit was so "watery" it even disappeared in the ground. It was like watering plants. Just with a flowing diarrhea which topped all my previous ones. In wettness as well as in the amount of poop which I shitted in this Bush. Sitting on a bransh for about a minute and looking as you pee browmn through your hole.

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